The very best of Adventure Travel Italia

The benefit of Italia is long lasting, numerous travelers happen to be charmed by its mountain tops, art, landscapes, people and food.

You can ski and walk-in the Alps then visit Venice to understand more about its waterways before finding the vineyards and Renaissance art and architecture of Toscana, enjoying Florence and possibly the famous Palio in Siena.

The main city, Rome, is the best city-break destination although around the coast mind to Sorrento and it is big-city-neighbour, Naples, where you’ll be able to go to Pompeii, join the rich on wonderful Capriand climb Vesuvius.

If it is volcanoes you seek you will find these and far, a lot more around the wonderful island of Sicily, where one can walk on Mount Etna’s still-active slopes or attempt a cultural journey around a few of the world’s most significant ancient sites.

Italia has something for everybody and requires not only one trip to uncover its secrets.

Among the primary areas for adventure travel in Italia is Toscana. Still chic and wonderful the arrival of low-cost carriers flying into Pisa and Florence has put this incredible, must-see destination inside the achieve of. Moving fields, vineyards and cypress trees epitomize the landscape of Toscana within the traveler’s mind’s-eye, and although this Chianti landscape is valued the location has even more than just vineyards to uncover.

Some popular features of adventure travel in Italia include wine and food tours in Toscana, walking within the famous Chianti Classico area, horseback riding in beautiful Chianti Rufina, cycling in Umbria and canyoning and in Toscana.

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